Our Philosophy.
Vemco Group,
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Who We Are

Vemco Group A/S is an innovative software company founded in 2005. We are privately owned by a handful of experienced Danish programmers, developers, businessmen and visionaries. We are represented globally with headquarters in Fredericia, Denmark, offices in Moscow, Russia and Sao Paulo, Brazil as well as more than 60 licensed partners worldwide. Our international network provides us with the global experience and local expertise necessary to assist our customers in establishing and maintaining accurate and reliable people counting and retail analytics solutions. With more than 13 years of experience within the field of retail analytics we have installed thousands of devices and enabled numerous stores, shopping centers and public institutions to gain deep insights about their visitors.

What We Do

We provide retailers, mall operators and institutional managers with an ability to measure and evaluate performance by accurately counting the number of visitors entering given locations, such as stores, shopping malls, airports, libraries, museums, schools, etc. Our system, Vemcount, is an intelligent retail analytics solution that compiles multiple data sources to deliver extensive and accurate information about visitors. Data sets are accumulated and integrated into existing ERP and BI systems or a cloud-based dashboard, which allow managers to monitor performance in real-time. Quantitative insights are visualized in a variety of useful formats that enable managers to evaluate performance and make fact-based decisions that create meaningful change.

Why We Do It

We understand that the retail industry is constantly undergoing changes that affect both consumer behavior and business procedures. Retailers, mall operators and institutional managers need access to a variety of analytical tools and insights in order to gain a deeper understanding of the visitors and make decisions that improve sales and profitability. However, since the process of structuring and analyzing vast amounts of data from a variety of sources can be complicated, time-consuming and tedious it is important to select a retail analytics solution that visualizes insights in simple and useful formats. We firmly believe that experience, knowledge and cooperation is the key to success in retail analytics and wish to empower our customers to make fact-based decisions and improve profitability.

Our Management.
Retail Experience,
Leadership Expertise


Anel Turkanovic
CEO and Business Development

D: +45 21 83 80 53
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: at@vemcogroup.com

Danijel Kralj
CIO and Partner

D: –
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: dk@vemcogroup.com

Lars Høeg
Board Member

D: +45 40 13 42 39
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: lh@vemcogroup.com

Torben A. Sørensen

D: +45 31 46 11 46
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: tas@vemcogroup.com

David K. Sloth
Sales Director

D: +45 31 45 11 46
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: dks@vemcogroup.com

Brian Christensen
Finance Manager

D: –
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: bc@vemcogroup.com

Jimmi Povlsen
Technical Manager

D: –
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: jp@vemcogroup.com

Henrik Baggesgaard Hansen
System Developer

D: –
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: hbh@vemcogroup.com

Lars Kjær
IT Support

D: –
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: lk@vemcogroup.com

Emil E. H. Andersen
IT Support

D: –
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: ea@vemcogroup.com

Tatiana N. Christensen
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

D: +45 51 89 11 46
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: tnc@vemcogroup.com

Mie H. Gregersen
Data Analyst & Sales Assistant

D: +45 28 18 25 43
P: +45 76 22 11 46
M: mhg@vemcogroup.com


Rafael Alcantara
Country Manager and Partner

D: –
P: –
M: ra@vemcogroup.com.br

Aline Jordana
Marketing Coordinator

D: –
P: –
M: af@vemcogroup.com.br

Luis Calmon
Sales Executive

D: –
P: –
M: lc@vemcogroup.com.br

Vinicius Ferreira

Sales Assistant
D: –
P: –
M: comercial@vemcogroup.com.br


Nenad Sucur
Country Manager Switzerland

D: +41 41 500 77 73
P: +41 79 564 33 30
M: ns@vemcogroup.ch


Dmitry Korolev

D: –
P: –
M: korolev@vemcogroup.com