How It Works

How It Works.
Retail Analytics,
Made Simple

Footfall is the cornerstone of Retail Analytics. Retailers may gain deep insights into their own operations as well as the behaviour of consumers visiting the stores. Retail Analytics enable retailers to improve conversion rates, optimize store layouts, increase dwell time, minimize queue time, deploy staff more efficiently, improve product offerings and marketing communications, and much more.

Data Collection

Traffic in and out of stores is measured and compiled with multiple data sources to provide extensive and accurate information about all aspects of the retail business.

Retail Analytics

Data sets are accumulated and integrated into existing ERP and BI systems or a cloud-based dashboard to provide insights on store performance in real-time.


Quantitative insights are combined across data sources and visualized in a variety of useful formats that enable managers to evaluate performance and make fact-based decisions.

Vemcount is an intelligent Retail Analytics solution that provides retailers, mall operators, supermarkets, institutional managers and airports with the ability to measure store performance, gain insights about visitors, benchmark numbers across locations and make fact-based decisions that create meaningful change and improve profitability. Vemcount is developed by retailers for retailers and is therefore configurable, device compatible and available as a hosted or private cloud solution in order to work seamlessly with current systems. Raw data and visualizations can be integrated into existing ERP and BI systems, easily accessed using the online dashboard or received as customized reports or data exports to Excel, PDF and other formats. Vemcount is developed by Vemco Group and is available worldwide.