As a provider of a product that delivers key insights to industries that are constantly undergoing changes, it is a must that we are always up-to-date with our customers and meet their challenges. After an inspiring meeting with the Danish retail expert, Alice Monberg, we have gained a truly unique insight into one of the big questions in the retail industry: How do we become independent of supermarket leaflets and manage to increase sales of assortment products at full prices?

Vemco Group’s main task is to develop our products in order to strengthen our customers, month after month. This is the reason why we are developing a system that provides the basis for our customers in the retail industry to grow sales of non-discounted products.

The reality is that the key to increase sales of assortment products at full prices takes the same approach as the supermarket leaflets do it. It requires the same amount of work – cause, as experience and knowledge are necessary to successfully design an effective supermarket leaflet, it also requires experience and knowledge to design one’s store and its shelf space according to the behavioral patterns of customers. For more than 13 years, we have delivered insights and knowledge about customer behavior, which has always been aimed at increasing the profitability of our customers. When you know how many visitors you have, when they visit your store, how they move around and where they make a stop, because this exact shelf works better than the rest. Then we have already come a long way, together.

Our goal is that once you’ve achieved the full potential our analytics tool, Vemcount, you’ve also found the key to increase your company’s sales of assortment products – at full prices.