We always see a big discussion among consumers, when retailers bring out their Christmas merchandise and candy, cause isn’t it a little too early? After all, retailers aren’t the only early birds. In a study conducted by Facebook, they reveal that consumers like, share and comment on posts related to Christmas earlier and earlier for each year.

In addition, The National Retail Federation reports that 40% of shoppers in America begin shopping for holiday gifts prior to Halloween. Hence, now is actually the time to prepare your business for the upcoming season, if you don’t want to make decision based on gut feelings.

 Here are 6 tips on how Vemcount can prepare your business for the Christmas race:

  1. Hire extra help. By actively using historical traffic data in staff scheduling, you are better suited to estimate how many employees you need. We integrate with several workforce management systems, e.g. SameSystem, which enables you to anticipate your staffing needs with greater confidence.
  2. Set staff schedule after peak times. Identify highs and lows over a day, week, month or year to get a grasp of when traffic flows are expected to rise or fall, allowing for more effective staff scheduling.
  3. Create automated reports. Is there a need for a daily update on the performance of your store? A weekly or monthly report? Automate the exporting process for the entire year or just for the coming season and have the reports delivered directly to the email-addresses of specific recipients. Save time and keep yourself up-to-date.
  4. Make conversion rate a daily focus. One thing is visitor traffic, but how many of your visitors do you actually manage to convert into customers? By integration Vemcount with your POS system, the conversion rate can be calculated automatically. We cooperate with DdD Retail, among others.
  5. Generate real time alerts and notifications. Generate real time alerts to maintain the desired level of occupancy. You may want to allocate more staff to a congested area, open a new checkout counter or keep track of low-performing zones. Let the dashboard alert you in real time by visual means or have the notification delivered straight to assigned email-addresses.
  6. Optimize marketing activities. Measure the number of passers-by and visitors entering the store to achieve a better understanding of the ability to attract customers. Evaluate and respond to the performance of your marketing activities related to signage, lightning and window decorations.

Would you like to strengthen your skills in Vemcount before the Christmas season begins, please get in touch by email or give us a call on +45 76 22 11 46.