Power up with data insights. That was the theme for yesterday’s Experian Innovation Summit 2019, where our analysis and marketing department participated. As Experian writes, all modern companies have access to big amounts of data, but far from all have the resources or ability to gather and analyze their data. Therefore, it is not the data, but a company’s use of effective analysis tools, as well as the ability to translate the analyzes into concrete action plans that becomes the crucial competitive parameters.

Vemcount – Retail analytics made easy

Our analysis platform, Vemcount, provides the foundation of leveraging your company’s data. Your data is automatically transformed into easy-to-understand factual insights about your customers, making Vemcount a crucial tool for effective decision-making that develops your business.

Our customers achieve key insights about the number of visitors, peak times, queue length, conversion rate, dwell time, customer demographics and much more.

Experian Innovation Summit 2019

But let’s get back to yesterday’s conference. We experienced four inspirational speakers talking about how companies can leverage data insights while supporting a customer focus and the ability to innovate. We heard about the future trends of data analytics and what to pay attention to in order to protect your data. Furthermore, Business Development Manager at Arbejdernes Landsbank, Jesper A. Nielsen, inspired us with his talk about how they measure and work with customer satisfaction, where the chairman of FC Midtjylland, Rasmus Ankersen, spoke about how data analytics has changed the world of sports and how to use the same technique to develop businesses and beat your competitors.

All four presentations confirmed the importance of analysis tools and how important Vemcount and data insights are for our customers to develop and increase their profitability and competitive position. We feel very inspired and are heading back home with tangible tools for internal improvements and a bunch of ideas for new initiatives towards our customers.

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